FindBugs Bug Detector Report

The following document contains the results of FindBugs

FindBugs Version is 3.0.0

Threshold is medium

Effort is min


Classes Bugs Errors Missing Classes
11 4 0 0


Bug Category Details Line Priority
Unconditional wait in delight.nashornsandbox.internal.NashornSandboxImpl.eval(String) MT_CORRECTNESS UW_UNCOND_WAIT 162 Medium
Wait not in loop in delight.nashornsandbox.internal.NashornSandboxImpl.eval(String) MT_CORRECTNESS WA_NOT_IN_LOOP 162 Medium


Bug Category Details Line Priority
instanceof will always return true for all nonnull values in delight.nashornsandbox.internal.NashornSandboxImpl$, since all Throwable are instances of Throwable STYLE BC_VACUOUS_INSTANCEOF 147 Medium
Bad attempt to compute absolute value of signed random integer in delight.nashornsandbox.internal.NashornSandboxImpl$ CORRECTNESS RV_ABSOLUTE_VALUE_OF_RANDOM_INT 86 High